Potential Facelift After-Effects

Facelifts have become a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for those who are scared by the impacts of old age on their looks.

Celebrities, especially, go for this procedure to keep them looking young for longer because this is what fans and the cameras want. Numerous celebrities, both male and female have had facelifts done; Joan Rivers probably had a couple of facelifts plus many other procedures.

Joan Rivers plastic surgery before after
Joan Rivers plastic surgery before after

Generally, a facelift is considered a procedure with minimum risk. However, choosing an expert cosmetic surgeon will reduce the chances of a flop in the surgery. Nevertheless, like in any surgical procedure, there are some after-effects which may present and you ought to know them:

1. Hematoma

This occurs if bleeding is experienced under the skin. The bleeding can cause a hematoma to develop causing the affected area to be painful. It may be necessary to have an operation to stop the flow of the blood and get out any blood.

2. Bleeding

While this is not exactly very strange, excessive bleeding can potentially be life threatening. Seeking help immediately can stop the formation of hematomas which are much more serious.

3. Reaction of the body towards anaesthesia

Of course before the facelift operation procedure is begun, you will need to be numbed with anaesthesia. There are some people who experience bouts of nausea and an overall feeling of sickness when their bodies are exposed to anaesthesia.

However, the effects are supposed to be short-lived and after the procedure, should not be felt. If however, the headaches persist way after the operation, you may need to seek help.

4. Infection of some areas that were operated upon

The risk of infection is real in almost all medical procedures that involve an operation. With a facelift, it can occur on a specific area. The symptoms of an infection may differ from one person to the other.

Some people may experience tenderness/sensitivity on the affected areas whereas others might have to contend with swelling. Redness as well as localised heat upon the affected surface could also be a signal for an infection.

A lot of the time, these infections can be relieved and treated by antibiotics. However, if the symptoms of an infection do not abate after three days of using a given kind of antibiotic, you may wish to see a doctor immediately – http://celebrityabc.com

5. Scarring

A good surgeon will try to hide a scar as much as possible. However, for many people, it may still show slightly.

6. Injury to nerves on the affected skin

You may experience difficulty in controlling the facial muscles due to an injury of nerves under the skin.

7. Problems with skin healing

Does not affect many patients but is common in those who smoke as well as people with a weakened immunity.

8. A numb, tingly feeling on the area of incision

This ideally should not be a problem experienced in the long term.

It is crucial to know all the risks associated with a facelift before opting for the procedure. Like Julia Roberts recently alluded, it may be worth something to age naturally. Many people wonder if she was honest that she has not done a facelift though!

Angelababy Plastic Surgery Before and After

The celebrity world is one that has a lot of challenges and pressures. A celebrity has to look good in front of the camera and the public. Angelababy plastic surgery has just shown the world how successful plastic surgeries could turn out. Angelababy is a well renowned model who started her career at the tender age of 14. She is unarguably one of the hottest models in Hong Kong.

Angelababy plastic surgery before after
Angelababy plastic surgery before after


She went full time on her career in 2017. Since then, she has become Hong Kong’s new generation million dollar chick. Her success in the career has drawn to her a lot of fans and sponsors. She has got a sweet smile and her eyes are large and sexy. Her photo shoot with Janice Man saw her rise to fame and also saw her original price rise from HK$1,000 to HK$30,000.

In order for her to look good, it is speculated that she has been through a series of plastic surgery procedures. It is suspected that she underwent plastic surgery procedures to enhance the looks on her chin and lips. Facial plastic surgeries are not strange as there are quite a number of celebrities who have been through them. Shilpa Shetty is an example of the celebrities who have done wonders on their faces through plastic surgery.

In the early years of Angelababy’s career, she had a receding chin which was short and round. Her lip, both the upper and the lower were plump. This led people to suspect that she either had a sliding genioplasty or chin implants. Chin surgeries, technically known as genioplasty is typically a procedure that is aimed at repositioning the chin in a bid to correct receding chins or misalignment. The procedure generally makes the facial features balanced and aids in the creation more harmonious looks. She currently has a pointed chin which makes her gorgeous and very good looking.

The looks on her lips are contrary to those she had at the beginning of her career. It is as if she has been through lip reduction procedures. The reduction however appear to have targeted the area around the ends of her mouth because her lips still have the fullness. Another feature that Angela must have enhanced is her jaws. It is speculated that she has had a jaw shave. The procedure must have been carried out in the late 2011. It is believed that the procedure results in a softer look.

Angelababy also has a nose that has been slightly altered. Her nose bridge is more defined than it actually was. This could be associated to filler. The definition of her nose bridge cannot be as a result of makeup or maturation. She is among the many celebrities like Laura Bell Bundy who have had nose jobs to enhance t heir facial appearances. Although, there is not enough evidence to prove the surgery and she declined the allegation clearly according to this article.

A possible reason as to why she might have chosen filler over implants is that implants are more noticeable than fillers. The change on her nose is also very small and the filler could have been the perfect choice. Angelababy has achieved much through her plastic surgeries.

The Role of Water in Weight Loss Which You Might Not Know

You have probably heard about the importance of reducing your intake of fats, sugars and carbs if you wish to lose weight. There are a number of things that you will need to do for you to achieve success in your weight loss venture. Amongst this is staying hydrated throughout. The importance of water can never be ignored by any person who is seeking sustainable weight loss. Water helps in the performance of several roles in the body which directly lead to weight loss.

Diet Plans For Women

The weight loss you experience when you begin to diet or engage in exercise activities is mainly due to loss of water weight. You need to remember that a properly hydrated body is healthy and this is crucial for the process of burning fats. When there is little water in the body for the purposes of fat burning, your weight loss process may become harrowingly slow. Water is crucial for metabolism; it is through this process that the fats stored beneath the skin and various other body organs are broken down.

At the same time, when calories get burned down, there are toxins which are released. When you have adequate amounts of water in the body, these toxins will be conveniently flushed away. This helps keep you feeling healthy.

When you have low levels of water in the body, your blood volume falls. When this happens, the volume of oxygen supply to various parts of the body also drops. This also means that the muscles will be drained of the normal oxygen supply. This is one reason why people feel like their muscles are severely cramped after engaging in strenuous exercises activities. Water is also crucial for the lubrication of joints which play a huge part in your weight loss venture especially for you who engages in regular exercise activities.

Whether you are dieting or exercising or both, you need to keep your body hydrated. Normally, you will be advised to include a sufficient amount of fibres in the diet. However, when you do not take sufficient amount of water each day, the fibres may give rise to constipation problems. When your diet is inclusive of fibres and enough water, you will enjoy optimum digestion.

It has always been said that sometimes thirst camouflages as hunger. When the body has been severely dehydrated, you may feel hungry when indeed, you just need a glass or two of water. When you put considerable effort in replenishing any water lost from the body, you may not have to eat food that your body really does not need. Even when you have to rely on weight loss supplements to help you lose body fat, it is still important to ensure that your body stays hydrated. Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia has fat blocking mechanisms which imply that water will be necessary to flush out the toxins that may be produced in the process.

Keep in mind that you do not have to stick to the recommended number of glasses of water each day. Your body will usually give you signals when you need more water.